I did something the other day…went for a walk in my neighborhood. I know, what’s so special about that? Well the thing is, I hadn’t taken one in quite some time, even when the weather was perfect for such an adventure. I’ve been too busy with life stuff to venture out beyond my own block.

I revisited a groove of heritage Oak Trees. Okay, so I see them most days but at 40 mph they are a blur out my car window. I forget the sheer numbers of them, their height, their width, their shapes. How the afternoon sun shines between their craggy limbs and sprinkles the carpet of grass with dappled light.


So why would you care? Why do I care? Why blog about some grove of old Oak Trees? Why blog at all? Because I want to rediscover my own inner and outer territory…and I’m crazy enough to think that someone else might find it interesting.

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